Warm Hearts, Warm Bellies

As the chilly weather rolls in, I go straight to all of my fall favorites, oversized sweaters and of course comfort food.

I lucked out this season because my very talented sister in law Beka started her own business making and selling homemade low-sugar jams.

Last month I got to try some she sent me and my socks were knocked off! This was the best jam I’ve ever had and I’m a jam snob. No regular ol’ Smuckers for this gal.

I’ve been able to get my comfort food fix without all the sugar!

She told me she sweetens her jams using either local Idaho honey or organic cane sugar and she uses 75% or less sugar than the store carries. It makes sense really because fruit is sweet! Why make is sweeter?!

I love that she gathers all of the fruit she uses from her own backyard and local backyards around her town in Idaho.

I decided to join forces and help spread the word about her rockin’ jam. Here is how you can get yourself some of the best jam in the world.

Visit Backyard Kitchen on Facebook.

Buy some jam of your own on Etsy. They are only $5 a jar!

I’ve even created a Backyard Kitchen inspired greeting card that you will get FREE with any jam purchase.

You're My Jam Greeting Card


On a separate note, I have gone deeper into the depths of social media and FINALLY joined Instagram!

You can follow me at http://instagram.com/brighteyedbirdie

I’m still learning the ropes of how it all works, who knows, one day I may even join Twitter! Nah, probably not.

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